A few words about TCC

TCC is a decentralized cryptocurrency where all transactions and mined coins are recorded on TCC blockchain. Tailored for future-proof mass transactions. TCC blockchain is powerful enough to perform more transactions than global credit card providers. TCC uses one of the most advanced technologies.

About TCC

You Need To Know About TCC!

Excellent support from the Community

Fast transaction processing

Ultra secure SHA-256 based password and Two-factor authentication system to secure your wallet and transactions.

Completely anonymous and privacy focussed encrypted addresses and transactions.

Online Wallet

TCC Wallet is the official online wallet for TCC coins. Control your funds with TCC wallet without maintaining any external ledger or sharing your credentials with any external non trusted application.

Fast & Secure

TCC provides you with easy-to-use application. Download and start sending hassle-free payments anywhere. You can send coins anywhere and anyone and it will arrive minutes later, as soon as TCC block check network processes the payment.

Wallet Syncing

Your TCC wallet automatically syncs with the TCC Blockchain whenever your transaction has been approved by the community.

Trust no more, fear no more.

In the money market, people are generally unaware of the risks and security holes , making them easy prey for phshers and scammers. Protecting money from theft is not enough in the virtual world. With TCC, the key is to remove the trust factor - TCC blockchain is the judge.

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